Mattress Protection


  • 100% organic cotton
  • IVN-BEST certified
  • with rubber band on the corners
  • warm, soft and very absorbent
  • perfect protection against transpiration stains and light soiling, 90°C machine washable
  • colour: nature
  • very pleasant for your skin
  • suitable for allergy sufferers (scroll down for further information)
  • a health-safe product, as 100% natural
  • fair purchase prices, wages and working conditions, fair participation- for all
  • sustainable, long-lasting, durable "ready to use", no need to wash in the machine first
€ 29.00

Delivery time: 3-5 workdays if in stock


Because of the dense texture, dander can't practically reach the mattress and so the main food supply for acarian is strongly reduced, which keeps the population within limits. This is of strong interest for allergy sufferers.

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