Prolana SleepLine Partner Mattress


  • made of 100% natural resources (organic cotton, organic wool, natural & fair traded rubber, ...)
  • certified by Fair Rubber and QUL
  • individual combination of two SleepLine mattresses (SL1-SL2-SL3-SL4)
  • further information about the different mattresses can be found on their product pages!
  • ideal for couples with different sleep habits; everyone gets his "own" mattress
  • separated cores, so one does not feel the other's movements
  • covered by a single big organic cotton cover, no more gap between the mattresses!
  • mattress core surrounded either by organic wool mat or organic cotton mat
  • jersey or drilled cover
  • suitable bed frames are available in our store
  • contains fair trade natural rubber from FSC-certified plantations
€ 1798.00
Tax incl.

Delivery time: 3-4 weeks

Size (cm)
Mattress core surrounded by
Mattress core 1

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