• made from alder wood
  • natural finish (oiled and waxed)
  • 140x70cm
  • height adjustable (3 levels)
  • 3 wooden bars can be removed
  • bed frame included
  • produced in Germany
  • can be altered to a sofa (optional mod. set)
  • with screw-on bed canopy (optional)
  • delivery and assembly service in and around Luxembourg (optional)
€ 499.00

Item has to be ordered separately and will be delivered within 3-4 weeks.


This is a natural finished and extremely durable bed. The bed frame's height can be adjusted to three different levels: The upper level is suitable for babies as they can be gently laid down and lifted out. Once the child can autonomously sit or stand up (ca. 5-9 months), the bed frame should be lower. When in the lowermost position, 3 bars can be taken out, in order to allow the child to enter and leave the bed independently. Once the child has grown and is too old for the bed, it can easily be modified to a sofa - the bed can be used over a long time. The bed can be modified multiple times, as the construction is entirely made of massive wood.

We do also offer further pieces of furniture for children's rooms, fitting the bed's design, such as wardrobes, changing tables, shelves and stools.

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