birth lists

Naturwelten Bio&Fair is the place to go when you are planning on creating a birth list. We can provide you with  everything you need for your new-born: beds and furniture, breastfeeding pillows, baby clothes, blankets, sleeping bags, stuffed animals, baby slings, lambskins for babies, changing mats, bumper pads, strollers, a huge choice in cosmetic and hygiene products, children's underwear in cotton or wool/silk, socks and stockings, washable diapers, and so much more.
If you wish further information on this topic, have questions or want to create a list, please drop by at our store in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie - our specialized staff will be more than happy to give you advice.

On this page, you can buy a gift from a birth list for a family member or friend. Simply click on the parent's name below, choose a gift from the drop-down list, put it in the shopping cart and pay online. Please note that the purchased presents will not (!!) be shipped to your address as they will be picked up by the baby's parents at our store.

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