Company history

1985: Modest Beginnings
The beginnings were very modest. Everything begins with Lucien Reger, called Luss, an certified electrician who was repairing washing machines in Luxembourg. He soon found out that many washing machines were damaged by aggressive chemical detergents. Since he’s always been interested in nature-friendly products, he began to inform himself on this subject. 
Not very easy back in the time, when the internet did not exist! In an article in the german magazine Stern, he finds a recommandation for an ecological guidebook. Three german producers caught his attention, he then decides to contact them all. Jürgen Hack, director of the german detergent producer Sodasan, was the first to reply. Shortly later, 300 kilograms of ecological detergent were ordered. With the agreement of his employer, he can recommend the alternative to conventional detergents to his clients. With the profit, a next order of 400 kg was placed... The first two years, the business was nothing but a hobby. 

1987: Slow development
The turning point came with the first organic fair Oeko-Foire in Luxembourg City back in 1987.
Since it was fairly  expensive to book a dedicated stand, he made a deal with his employer to share one. His employer was presenting the first eco friendly washing machine by AEG on one side, Lucien his eco friendly washing detergent on the other side. The event was a huge success, which made him confident that he was on the right path.
While visiting the ecological fair Biofach in Frankfurt-on-the-Main in 1988, he established further relationships with other manufacturers, such as Oshadi (organic essential oils) and Rhassoul (organic cosmetic products). His business idea could thus be further established.
At the beginning of the 1990s, he begins to offer organic and fair trade clothes from the American company Ecosport and from the German company Cotton Country. By that time, Lucien managed a wholesale distribution business for many independent organic shops in Luxembourg. 

1989: First Organic Store
However, since he could not live from the business alone, he and his wife Eliane, who was still working as a nurse at the time, opened their first small organic shop, the Biobuttek Pimpampel, in Dalheim in 1989. In 1990, when their daughter Bettie was born, Lucien quit his full time job to dedicate his time to the family. The wholesale and organic store developed further and since organic and fair-trade products were not that popular in Luxembourg, the income was still not enough. When their two sons Pit and Tom were born in 1992 and 1995, Eliane decided to quit her full time job. By that time, there was no going back and the small business thus became their main activity.

1997: Luxembourg City
As the majority of the population was still not very interested in organic and fair trade products, it was quite difficult to promote the products. Flyers and leaflets were printed and distributed, but still no big success was in sight. The weekly market was not very successful either, so the only way to develop the business idea was to open a store. In 1997, Lucien and his sister Christiane opened Pimpampel Naturkleeder, an organic store in the district of Bonnevoie in Luxembourg City. At the time, this spot was already a central spot for organic and fair trade businesses.This 

2006: Expansion
Until 1998, only a single bed and a mattress were exposed at the store at rue Sigismond in Bonnevoie. The desire for more space grew and the shop was enlarged. But soon after, that space wasn’t enough and the search for a bigger location began.

2009: New location, new name
In 2009, they moved everything to a new location in rue Auguste Charles, only 100 meters away from the old location. As many people found the old name Pimpampel quite confusing, it was changed into Naturwelten Bio&Fair. Lucien is still collaborating with many of the old business partners, many of which have now become close friends. The family structures in the organic and fair trade industry is certainly contributing to this ambiente.

2016: Online shop
Lucien never gave up on his dream and believed in the success of organic textile and cosmetic products in a long term. This industry is now at a similar level as the organic food industry was twenty years ago. The demand is increasing, and there is a lot of potential left. This fact led to the decision to follow the spirit of time and open an online shop. A second store was opened in 2016 together with Akabo, though this collaboration unfortunately had to be ended in 2018. We are sure there will be more surprises coming our way, and that we’ll never get bored! 

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