bed linen for adults

Below, you can find organic cotton bed linen by brands Cotonea and Ege Organics. All products are ready to use; you don't have to wash them before first use - no need to wash chemicals out if there aren't any!
Cotonea produces high quality bed linen that lasts for a long period of time. Their products are certified Fair For Life. Their cotton is coming from their own cultivation projects in Uganda and Kyrgyzstan, which are working with very economical irrigation systems. The bed linen is mostly produced in Czech Republic. Almost all products by Cotonea follow the highest standard of the International Association of Natural Textiles, IVN-Best

Ege Organics uses organic cotton from Turkey which is certified by the Global Organics Textile Standard (GOTS). In order to keep transportation routes as short as possible, their production is done in their own facilities in Turkey. Sustainability is their highest order. 

If you have more questions about the origin or production of our products, feel free to ask us for further information. Transparency is of upmost priority to us. If you are looking for more designs and other fabrics than the ones listed here, please visit our shop. 

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